Startpunt Internationaal cooperates with toddler learning place De Tuimelaar from JongLeren.


Toddler learning place

Startpunt International works together with toddler learning place de Tuimelaar of JongLeren.

The leaders of the toddler learning place are PYP-trained, so that we can guarantee a continuous line with our school for your child. The toddler learning place is intended for children aged 2.5 to 4 years.

Toddler learning place De Tuimelaar is located in the same building as Startpunt International.

Toddler learning places of JongLeren

JongLeren is the organization in The Hague where toddlers learn and develop through play.

At JongLeren toddlers can discover and experience in a familiar and safe environment, where there is room for imagination and creativity. We look carefully at each child. We look at what your child needs and how your child develops. But we also teach children to be in a group and to play and work together. In this way we help children to develop well. We make sure that children become independent and can also work together. This is important for their future.


What does the toddler learning place cost?

That differs for everyone and depends on your personal situation. Do you have an “Ooievaarspas” then the toddler learning place is free. If you don’t have an Ooievaarspas yet and you are eligible for one, you will need to apply for one before you can register. Only with an Ooievaarspas you can make use of the free regulation. 

You can apply for the Ooievaarspas here.

On our website you can easily calculate what the toddler learning place costs you.

VVE at home

The first years of life are especially important for the development of a child. What you do with your child at home, and how you play and talk with your child, has a lot of influence on its development. To help you with activities that are good for the development of your child, we have VVE Thuis. VVE means Early Childhood Education.


Registering for toddler learning place De Tuimelaar

Do you need help registering or do you have any questions? Please contact us at or call 070 205 2555. Our staff will be happy to help you Monday through Thursday between 9:00 and 13:00 hrs.