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Even though we are two different organizations, preschool De Tuimelaar is located at our school.

Yes. This is because we are two different organizations. For the preschool learning space you can register online trough: The preschoolteachers can also help you with this. The teachers of the learning space can also provide you with our registration form.

It means that the preschool teachers are also PYP-trained. They therefore teach in the same way as their colleagues at primary school.

Primary school

At 08:20 hours the front door opens. A number of teachers stand at the front door to welcome everyone. The children go directly to their class (or gym) and are welcomed by the group teacher. 

We use the Social Schools app for this purpose. You have access to this app and are linked to your child(ren). The teacher will automatically receive a message. 

We preferre the use of this app over calling or emailing the school.

Directly to the app: Social Schools

We use Social Schools for this purpose. You have access to this app and are linked to your child(ren). Through this app, you can request leave. The management will check if this leave can be granted and will accept or reject it.

Directly to the app: Social Schools

The standard language of instruction is Dutch.

We also offer English as a learning subject and some times of the week classes are taught in English.

Other languages are being considered but have not been worked out yet.

We will be practicing gymnastics in athletic clothes that children bring to school themselves. Special indoor shoes are allowed, but not required.

If the weather is nice, the gym teacher may decide to do gymnastics outside in the Hague Sports Garden.

This chance is of course very high. Especially on a rainy day. Research shows that children get a better resistance from playing outside on “green schoolyards”. Please keep this in mind when your child dresses in the morning. Of course your child will be happy and proud to have a new pair of pants, but this is not always practical in the schoolyard.

No. There are many iPads and student laptops at school. The students can use them. 

However, we do require students to handle the devices loaned by the school with care.

No, but in some cases an exception can be made. Please contact the management for this.

After school care

The 2Pensels is located at the Doedijnstraat 8. The children are picked up from our school by the 2Penselen and parents pick up their children from the 2Penselen at the end of the day.

Yes, the 2Penselen also works together with Het Palet and De Triangel.

During the school vacations the 2Penselen is open from 07.30 – 18.00 hours.

The Hague Sports Garden Schilderswijk

All children from the Schilderswijk area can come and play sports in the Haagse Sporttuin. However it works best to register with the gym teacher of their own school. They usually know the right information to tell you.

Group 3, 4, 5 sport the first hour. Group 6, 7, 8 sport the second hour. 

Serge and Sebastiaan can tell you more.

The renovation into Skillsgarden will start at the beginning of October 2021. Completion is scheduled for December 6, 2021.

No! You can send your child to the Sports Garden on a day when you need to work a little longer yourself, but we are not a childcare center. Your child is expected to attend every week, wear sports clothes and know and follow the rules of the Sport Garden. We are the step between gymnastics at school and joining a sports club. Safe, close and accessible.


Our school is not fully wheelchair accessible for all classrooms, but please contact us for your specific questions to look at the possibilities.

If you are interested in our school we always arrange a day to get to know each other. After the trial day, there is always an interview between us, the parents and the child, in which a final decision is made about enrolment.

Children up to 6 years old can enroll. If your child is older than 6, our school is not the right school for your child (yet). Your child is better off at a school where there is a Dutch language intake group. In the enclosed link to the Municipality of The Hague you can see which elementary school have such a group. 

Link secondary intake