Working on good education is not something we do alone, we do that together with parents.


Parental contribution (school fee)

Startpunt International is funded by the government. That is why we only ask for a parental contribution of € 30 per student, per year! 

Intensive cooperation

Parents score us with an 8.2! 

Working on good education is something we do together with parents. Good contact with each other is an important condition. This means that we have contact on a regular basis with parents and discuss how things are going, at school and at home. 

We do this at fixed times

  • September: start interview

  • November: progress discussion

  • March: report card 1

  • June: report card 2

These meetings are attended by: student, parent and teacher.

Stay Informed!

Parents will receive weekly messages from the teacher about the goings on in the classroom through our parent communication platform Social Schools. 

At least twice a month, you will receive information from the principal. 

Every two weeks there is a coffee and tea walk-in for parents, which is led by the principal. During this meeting, the principal discusses what is going on at school and there is room for questions and comments.

More care needed?

If your child needs more (care), the cooperation will have an (even) more intensive character. You will always be included in all the steps that are taken during such a process.

What parents can do?

Parents can also contribute to the school by helping organize activities, going on outings or by participating in the MR (participation council).

Together we stimulate and support the students in their development.

Research has shown that children of involved parents perform better!